How times have changed. Getting a cheap quote for temporary car insurance in the UK may once have been quite a headache – that’s if you could even find a provider.

Over the last few years however, several firms now offer specialised stand alone short term daily polices covering a driver and vehicle for up to 28 days. Many of these quotes can be found online quickly and easily with cover setup in a matter of minutes for those who qualify.

Whether it is for taking out one day cover for a test drive or insuring an additional driver ready for a long journey where driving will be shared, this product is usually flexible enough to suit for many different circumstances.

However, age and other restrictions such as the value of the vehicle involved will often apply so it is worth checking all the terms and conditions when applying for a quote, whether it be for four weeks or just short term van insurance cover for the weekend.

Here is a list of other websites which maybe of help (the list will be updated as we find new resources of interest):

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